Department of Parks and Recreation
City Park
Located between State Hwy.159 E. and FM 529 E. at the S. Amthor Street intersection.  One of our largest parks and is host to fairs, cook-offs, antique shows and family gatherings throughout the year.  There are several buildings, a playground and open areas.  City Park is also the home of the Turnverein Pavilion, one of Bellville’s historic landmarks.  The pavilion is available for rent in 24-hour periods on a daily basis.  There is a kitchen available and seating for approximately 200 people.
Margaret Chesley Memorial Park
Entrance is located at the end of N. Bell Street. Commonly called, the “mini park”, Margaret Chesley Memorial Park is the home of many of Bellville’s outdoor celebrations throughout the year.  This park has a lovely gazebo, picnic tables, open areas and a ¼ mile-walking trail.
Clark Park
Located at 650 N. Holland.  28+acres of beautiful wooded, rolling hills.  The park consists of little league fields, senior league field, soccer fields, multi-purpose field, basketball pavilion, playscape, waterscape, amphitheater, RV spaces, walking trails, etc. Access to ball fields is near 685 N. Granville.   For information on reserving ball fields or RV spaces contact City Hall at 979-865-3136.
Sens Activity Center
Located at 200 Briar Ridge Drive within the Briarwood Subdivision. Although there is a small playground area, the primary use of the park is the Sens Center building. The building is available for use by reservation without charge to senior and non-profit groups anytime form 8:00 am Monday thru Friday at 12:00 pm.  It is available for rent for 24-hour periods beginning at 8:00 am Friday (Friday available only if not previously reserved by a senior or non-profit group), Saturday and Sunday.  There is a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave.  Tables and chairs are also available.

When not is use by reservations, all outdoor areas of the park are open to the public and available for your enjoyment.  To find more information about renting the Sens Activity Center, please refer to the "City Forms" section on our home page for rental applications and details.